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Web Development.

For a long time now we have known websites as a strong medium of advance communication. It has opened gates to a new world, a new way to carry on business. Most of the companies in the service and product sector have gone paperless and started using websites to interact with customers and carry on their day to day transactions. Websites not only make these processes faster but also add greater efficiency to them. Today, the scene is such that companies cannot expect to survive long in the market without a website.

At Nevdo we focuses on the content as well as the presentation of the content. We deliver the most enriched website to target your audience.

We follow latest web technology standards and deliver websites

We follow latest web technology standards web 2.0 and deliver websites for catering apparently any kind of requirements. Nevdo offers to Web 2.0 technology for its business website models and also using entire latest web 2.0 technology features in web development. We also consider clients business and requirements of their business needs and develop world class web development using web 2.0 technologies.

Tableless Website Design Service

We Develop Websites with Tableless design technology. Tableless design is a method of web design and development without using HTML tables for page layout control purposes. Instead of HTML tables, style sheet languages such as CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are used to arrange elements and text on a web page.

Some greater advantages of table less designs:

  • Completely table less design
  • Coding is usually much easier
  • Page size decrease
  • Download speeds is faster then table based designs
  • Semantic Content Markup
  • Search engine friendly for Improve search engine rankings
  • Separate content from presentation
  • Fast loading
  • Reduce bandwidth

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